I've been working in the web industry since 2005, and it's pretty great. Ruby is my favorite programming language, but I dabble in over fifty others. I am currently employed by J4 Studios.

Sweet Skills

  • Ruby & Rails & Sinatra
  • PHP & Wordpress
  • HTML 4/5
  • CSS 2/3
  • JavaScript & AJAX & jQuery
  • Adobe CS5.5


I like to write music in my spare time. I released an EP in 2009 that you can download for free from NoiseTrade – it’s called If Music be the Food of Love. I have some of my newer work posted on SoundCloud too.

In my spare time I write and record beautiful music and study Russian. Also programming.


If you're looking for my resume, try clicking this link: resume link. Feel free to contact me at any time of the day or night. My email address is hello@stephendavis.im, or you can follow me on Twitter — @stephendavis89.

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